Research Microscope Series for Advanced Microscope

Product Code: JL--2730

Research Microscope Series for Advanced Microscope

These microscopes are designed with outstanding technological expertise from Jainco lab, which extends the capabilities for education and research work.

The quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process ensures demanding performance standards which are matched with exceptional economy in cost.

Extra clarity and contrast is provided through our new high performance Clarity optical system. Optical components in the viewing head and objectives are protected with an anti-mould system to ensure proper performance in unusually hot and humid environment.

Having a Robust and Sturdy body, coaxial coarse & fine focusing with sophisticated gear systems. All movements are on ball bearings thus ensuring highly precise movement control.

Large Double Plate mechanical stage, size (142x140mm) and a highly parafocal Inward Quadruple revolving nosepiece with rubber grips and ball bearing motion thus ensuring ergonomic observation.

Three lens condenser unit having rack & pinion movement with Abbe Condenser N.A.1.25, Iris-diaphragm and filter arrangements thus further enhancing the illumination and contrast of the image. Having built-in base illumination system fitted with a LED white light sourch (Optional Halogen Lamp 6V-20W) operated on 220 volts (Optional 110volts) with precise intensity regulator.

Binocular & Trinocular inclined at an angle of 45o and rotatable through 360o.

Having following optical combinations: Semi Plan Objectives: 4X,10X,40X SL & 100X SL (oil) Eyepieces: WF 10X & WF15X Pair. Optional: Plan Achromat Objectives with Sidentopf Observation Head.

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