Student Monocular School Microscope

Product Code: JL--2756

Student Monocular School Microscope

All glass optics,Para focal, precentred, high numerical aperture, high resolution with Special coating having no effect of: Moisture, fungus, fogginess or any other weather effect with passage of time.

50x to 675x.

All metal constructed body with properly balanced, inclinable arm  up to 90 degree for easy viewing.

Focussing:Separate coarse fine focusing knobs.

Stage:Full square stage 112 x 112 mm  size with stage clips.

Illumination:Substage Mirror Attachment.

Nosepiece:Triple revolving

Objectives:10x & 40/45x (s. L. ) (all achromatic).

Eyepieces:10x & 15x.

Condenser:Fixed abbe type condenser with iris diaphragm.

Packing:Nicely packed in Styrofoam enclosure with box.


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