Acid Digestion

Product Code: JL--3869

Acid Digestion


Tri-wall construction for maximum robustness.

U-PVC internal chamber constructed of unplasticised polyvinylchloride.

Chain and Sprocket Sash support system.

Hood lighting is pre-wired. Lighting is electronically ballasted, energy efficient, instant start. Typical light intensity on work surface is >1076 lux in zero ambient conditions.

U-PVC exhaust collar ensures superior chemical resistance.


Safety Features:-

Shaping vanes increase airflow "sweep" at the critical area at the sidewall to improve containment, especially when laboratory personnel walk fast in front of the hood.

Sash is made from polycarbonate to prevent hydrofluoric acid fume etching.

Sash stop limits sash movement beyond 457mm (18.0"), 'encouraging' user to work at safe positions.

When sash is raised above 457mm (18.0"), it will automatically and gently fall back to the safe level unless held in place. This allows the sash to be raised temporarily to the full open position for set up of equipment and apparatus in hood, while enforcing regular operation of the hood with lowered sash.

The sash creep-down mechanism can only be disabled with a key. This permits the laboratory manager or safety officer to restrict operations at sash openings above 457 mm (18.0").

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