Function Generator

Product Code: JL--4223

  • Function Generator Science Labs Jaincolab is Manufacturer, Exporter Supplier of Function Generator Technical Description The Function Generator is capable of Providing Sine, Square, Triangle.
  • Low Distortion Function Generator has linear Frequency Scale very low Distortion and constant signal amplitude with the output Signal Symmetry about Zero.
  • The DC coupled output provides square wave without any appreciable Sag at low frequency.
  • It has maximum 20 VP/P amplitude.
  • The output is protected against short circuit.
  • It has a offset control provided to shift the base line of signal by ± 10 volts.
  • The continuously variable DC offset control further enhances the versatility of the instrument.
  • The equipment is used in Audio Electronics and other Laboratory Research Work.
  • Moreover, we are looked upon as one of the major Portable Function Generator Manufacturers Exporters in India.

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