Bernoullis Theorem Complete with Collecting Tank

Product Code: JL--6627

  • Bernoulli s Theorem Complete with Collecting Tank:.  We offer Bernoulli  Theorem Apparatus that is designed for experimental verification of the theorem.
  • The Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus is easy to set up and operate and is manufactured exactly as per the set guidelines.
  • The set up consists of a one piece clear acrylic test section with convergent and divergent part sections, supply thank, measuring tank, inlet water tank and pump for closed loop water circulation.
  • The test section is connected to Piezometer Tubes through pressure tapping at different locations on the section to demonstrate the Bernoulli’s Theorem.
  • The flow rate of water is measured using measuring tank and stop watch provided.
  • Objective To verify Bernoulli's Theorem experimentally Features Acrylic test section Closed loop water circulation Compact & stand alone set up Stainless Steel tanks and wetted parts Superb Painted structure Simple to operate & maintain Utilities Required Electric supply : 0.5 kW, 220V AC, Single Phase Water supply :
  • Tap water connection ½” BSP Distilled water @ 60 liters (optional) Floor Area with Drain facility  Chemical Engineering Laboratory lab equipment manufacturers, exporters and Chemical Engineering Laboratory Lab suppliers

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