Gas Induction Reactors

Product Code: JL--6676

  • Gas Induction Reactors Available Sizes 100Ltrs.- 1000Ltrs MOC SS-316, 316L, Hastelloy B/C, Monel, Inconel, Nickel, Titanium Zirconium etc.
  • Max. Design pressure:-up to 100bar / Kg /cm (1450psi).
  • Max. Working temperature: - 350 ° C. Zero leakage magnetic drive coupling -20 - 300 N-m torque capacity.
  • Effective gas liquid mixing.
  • Infinite variable speed of Up to 440 rpm with suitable gear box Internal cooling coil, vent, liquid / powder charging, dip tube thermo well, flush bottom outlet, baffles, light sight glass, handhole/manhole etc.
  • Nozzles fittings ex-proof control panel accessories offered as per requirement.
  • All designs as per standard codes.
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